Outside white, but what about inside?!?

Nancy is a very representative for all the Democrats: outside is white, but what about inside? Her mimics, gestures, in other words everything, are telling about her inside. Watching this first suggestive video clip I  felt myself as pursuing a rizotherapy cure.

On the second video, a full State of Union 2019 one, from time to time you may see a group of women en-regimented (vestimentary and  politico-ideologically), like those of Communist Party members. Guess who is in the middle of the first row of the Democrat ladies? The youngest socialist (D) Representative lady and student of Nancy Pelosi: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. If you have patience enough please focus your attention on Alexandria’s behavior during all the Trump’s speech. Is very suggestive!

The Democratic Party , with such a members, has a glorious (socialist) future!

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