Eulogy or/versus Theology?

Always I had a problem when somebody (especially Christian) did pass and the speaker(s) launched his/their speech. I guess that the majority of them were driven by the dicton "of the dead only good!" What other alternative(s) do we have to this dicton? At least , there are other two: "of the dead only the [...]

Ravi Zacharias , a prophet?

What follows is a sort of vigil on the Ravi's catafalque... It's more than suggestive to hear Ravi's speech at Nabeel's funeral service in the actual context of Zacharias's passing. A closer attention may be paid to the last minutes of Ravi's speech. His wish, his longing now are accomplished! Ravi went with empty [...]

O PASIUNE 2020 , la cald, printre lacrimi…

Nu prea vibrez eu emoțional cu una-cu-două. Cei apropiați mă știu ușor glacial... Dar cînd am aflat azi (deși eram pregătit emoțional că finalul e iminent) că Ravi Zacharias a adormit (vorba Domnului) ca să se odihnească (vorba Tatălui), nu mi-am putut stopa glandele lacrimale... Se duc oamenii de bine... Îi pasă cuiva?!? Din fericire [...]