Eulogy or/versus Theology?

Always I had a problem when somebody (especially Christian) did pass and the speaker(s) launched his/their speech. I guess that the majority of them were driven by the dicton „of the dead only good!”

What other alternative(s) do we have to this dicton?

At least , there are other two: „of the dead only the truth!” respectively „of the dead only the truth and good!”.

If I have to be asked which one do I agree, I would reply : the last one, of course! It is not the time and place to explain why…

But let us go back in time…

Recently Ravi Zacharias, the famous … (the list of his attributes is quite a long one) did go to rest (to rest and nothing else) for a while. He was such a dynamic person. He needed to take a resting time according to his Master’s plan. Not according to many of us, but surely accordingly to his Savior.

Zacharias was a volcanic spring of passion, wisdom, knowledge, force of persuasion, relevance and other few others outstanding  Christian features.

Why did he passed so quickly? From January (when he was diagnosed with a rampant and excruciating osteosarcoma) to May 2020 (when he passed) there are only four months! Who knows why? Only One!

Why or How did he died? This is the shakespearean dilemma!

But let us come back to the initial title „Eulogy or/versus Theology?”

Paul, one of the first outstanding evangelist, apologist, teacher, apostol and servant of Christ did write to a very secularized Church about his driven passion which became a sacred duty: „but we preach Christ crucified„.

When , how and where did he preached anything else?

My imagination gives me the liberty to think that the great apostol did preach about the Supreme sacrifice of the God’s Lamb even on the occasional funeral services. I did not find any eulogy in all sermons/speeches/discourses of Saul of Tarsus. All his preaching were imbibed within and by a profound Christology.

Regretfully, at Ravi Zacharias’s funeral service I heard too much eulogy and less theology…

I can not tell what and how did (probably) Ravi react to this dominating eulogy. Perhaps he wished that Jesus Christ to be center of all the service, but not his own person. Why? Because all his ministry had in it’s center  only Jesus Christ! Starting in 1983 at Amsterdam Conference (see here

and ending in June 2019 (his last sermon)-is here


I know… I know that many will counteract to my perspective by saying that the eulogy is (a mandatory) part of the American culture at any funeral service.


That’s fine!

I agree that it may be a traditional component of the Western Culture, but not a fundamental ingredient of the Bible…

Therefore: Eulogy or/versus Theology ?!?



I saw in Tim Tebow , a notorious exception, at Ravi’s funeral. He did draw the attention on Jesus Christ!

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